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Programs that are designed to meet you where you are and propel you to success in your babywearing journey. 

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Most people find hands-free carrying to be one of the biggest benefits of babywearing.

be comfy

Finding a carrier can be a daunting task. FBA can help find the one that works for you.

Happy babies are worn

Recent studies have shown that babies cry less, and mothers are more attentive.


Classes are available when you need them, and emergency support is a click away!

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We are dedicated to preparing the next babywearing expert (you!) to reach full potential.

Babywearing is not just for the baby. Parents, caregivers, and any individuals in constant contact with infants and toddlers should be educated in carrier and sling use. The baby carrier industry is projected to grow exponentially over the next few years, which means that having access to education on proper use and safety is extremely important.


Baby on Back

Fodela Babywearing is a completely new experience.
Go beyond tutorials for an interactive learning experience.

Our Classes
Shari B
August 17, 2020

Our Classes

Welcome! Fodela Babywearing Academy strives to provide an environment where learning is a natural, intuitive experience.  Here at Fodela, we are aiming to bring out your inner expert. We don’t believe that we’re the experts here, and you should know …

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Your favorite YTer could never.

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Okay, so this was a glitch, but one can dream! Let's make this a reality in 2021.

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When can I start?

January 11 - Spring 2021
June 7 - Summer 2021

  • Virtual courses are available during enrollment periods.
  • Virtual and On-site Workshops TBD
  • Scheduled live sessions and check-ins.

Breaks are determined by enrollment dates. Find all relevant information in the course syllabus.
(Exact dates vary)


Where are we ?

Pretty much everywhere. And your passes are good at any locatio

Tired of the Tube & need a hands-free way to get the baby on the boob?

Babywearing can be tough in the beginning, and that’s why I’m offering you a FREE personalized live consultation. One full hour of training, absolutely free. All you have to do is show up, ready to wrap (or wear in other ways) and review. Choose an individual or group session while options last! 


an hour of training

valued at $97 – $197


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